Welcome to the Brisbane TMS Group

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS or rTMS) is a safe and effective treatment for depression, along with a number of other psychiatric disorders. There is robust evidence that supports the use of TMS.

Electromagnetic coils are used to create magnetic pulses, which when applied to the head creates small electrical currents within the brain with the aim of altering brain function to relieve symptoms.

TMS does NOT involve a general anaesthetic, loss of consciousness or induction of a seizure. Potential side effects include scalp discomfort, headache, tiredness, elevation of mood or very uncommonly a seizure may occur.

TMS is an approved treatment for Major Depression in people who have failed two or more antidepressant medications. There is increasing evidence for the use of TMS in the treatment of other conditions including:

  •               Anxiety disorders
  •               Schizophrenia (including auditory hallucinations)
  •               Chronic pain
  •               Bipolar Disorder
  •               PTSD.

Treatment is usually administered multiple times per week for four to six weeks (between twenty to thirty treatments) initially. Further treatments may be given after the acute course to maintain wellness.

Approximately 50% of patients respond to TMS.

TMS may be a suitable treatment for you if:

  •               You have not responded adequately to medication
  •               You cannot tolerate side effects of medication
  •               You wish to reduce your antidepressant medication.

Our psychiatrists at Brisbane TMS Group are appropriately trained and credentialed to prescribe and administer TMS. Treatments will be delivered by a trained mental health clinician.

Please see your General Practitioner or Psychiatrist to discuss referral for TMS (see downloadable Referral Form). Our Psychiatrists will also assess you for suitability for TMS along with being able to answer any questions you have regarding TMS at that time.

Currently there is no Medicare rebate for TMS treatments.